From the airport

The airport is situated in the Northeastern part of Brussels. Three main options are at your disposal ( :

Map of Brussels. The red circle in the upper left of the map indicates the Brussels Airport. The red circle in the middle of the map indicates the RBINS.

The SNCB company ( now provides a direct train from the airport train station (located below the terminal, basement level-1) to Brussels Luxembourg station (about 5-7 min from the RBINS, see below). Up to 2 trains per hour connect the airport to Luxembourg station in about 20 min. A one-way ticket costs about 9 EUR.

A bus can also help you to reach the RBINS. The bus station is located on level 0, one floor down from the arrivals hall and can easily be reached by using the escalators or elevators.
The bus company STIB/MIVB ( operates an Airport Line which is a 30-minute express service between Brussels Airport and the European quarter. However, the bus can be blocked in the traffic and it can take longer time to reach your destination.
From Monday to Friday 8 pm the Airport Line carries the number 12 and serves the major stops. On weekdays after 8 pm, on Saturday, Sunday and holidays the Airport Line carries the number 21 and serves all stops.
One journey will cost 7.5 EUR. However, you will have to also buy a MOBIB Cart which costs 5 EUR.
You can purchase a ticket before boarding the bus from the “GO” vending machine located on platform C. (tickets rates).

This will cost about 45 euros. The address for the driver is:
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Rue Vautier 29
1000 Brussels.

From the rail stations

Several rail stations are present is Brussels. Brussels Luxembourg, Brussels Schuman, Brussels Central and Brussels Midi are the main stations to reach the RBINS.

The easiest one is Brussels Luxembourg which is only 5-7 min by foot from the RBINS. You can walk through the European Parliament to the RBINS (see blue path on the map below).

From Brussels Schuman (1.2 Km from the RBINS), you can walk through the Jourdan Place.

From Brussels Central or Brussels Midi stations, you can take another train to the Brussel Luxembourg station.
From Brussels Central station, you can also take busses to the Luxembourg station.
From Brussels Midi station (the international arrival of trains from England, Germany, France and Netherland), you can take the subway (line 2 or 6, direction SIMONIS – ELISABETH) to the Trône-Troon stop. Then, you can walk (1.0 km) or take all the buses to the Luxemburg station.

Close-up map of Brussels. 1. RBINS. 2. Luxembourg station. 3. Shuman station, 4. Central station. 5. Midi station.

View of the area around the RBINS. The Trône station is on the left side of the map and the Luxembourg station is near the center of the map. The blue line indicates the path through the European Parliament reaching to the Vautier street.

Map indicating the way to reach the RBINS from the Schuman rail station.

To the RBINS parkings

The RBINS is situated in the center of Brussels, near the European Parliament (see red circle on the here below map). Directions to the RBINS can be found on our website:

Three parkings are available. The first one (P1) is in front of the main entrance of the Museum (Rue Vautier 29, 1000 Brussels). The second one (P2) is bigger as comprising two levels. The access to this parking is possible only via the Wavre roadway. Finally, few parking places (P3) are also available in the park in the back of the RBINS. The access is provided via a path running from the lower part of the Vautier street (see the red line on the map below). Between 7.00 and 9.30 am, Parking 1 and 2 are only accessible with an electronic badge. After 9.30 am, the access is possible without the badge.

Close up view of the RBINS and position of the three parkings. view of parking P3.