New excavations in old localities of Bas-Congo discovered by 1937’s Belgian expeditions

Important samplings during Dartevelle’s expeditions were realised in Landana, Angola because outcrops were easily exposed along cliffs. For this reason, the supposedly equivalent Paleogene localities on the Congolese side were less intensively sampled. A 1st expedition in Bas-Congo was done by the PalEurAfrica team in September 2014. Several fossiliferous localities yielding vertebrates in the area of Manzadi (today Tzadi-Congo) and Bololo were re-visited by a small team of geologists and palaeontologists from RBINS, RMCA, Ohio University, and the Centre de Recherches Géologiques et Minières, Kinshasa (CRGM) to collect sediments for sedimentological, microfossil and isotopic analyses.